Combines flavors of four continents
Peruvian cuisine is acclaimed as one of the most diverse in the world, on par with French, Chinese and Indian cuisine.
This is thanks to its pre-Incas and Inca heritage and to Spanish, Basque, African, Sino-Cantonese, Japanese and finally Italian, French and British immigration, mainly throughout the 19th century.
At the 2006 Fourth International Summit of Gastronomy, Lima was declared the “Gastronomic Capital of the Americas”.
With the eclectic variety of traditional dishes, the Peruvian culinary arts are in constant evolution, and impossible to list in their entirety. 
The great variety in Peruvian cuisine stems from three major influences:
- Peru’s unique geography 
- Peru’s openness and blending of distinct races and cultures 
- The incorporation of ancient cuisine 
At Inca’s we invite you to enjoy Peru’s culinary arts right here in Tucson.